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Aidpage getting rid of its share program

Roseb441702 started this conversation
It's really a terrible shame that Aidpage is getting rid of their share program. I was really sad to hear of this news.
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afclf   in reply to Clare
People respond to cute animal pictures (cats and dogs but also wild animals like fawns) the animals you see on popular greeting cards are a clue. They also respond to nature scenes and single things like flowers. Try a few of specific things you enjoy and can paint well and see what works best for you.
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 in response to Clare...   Actually you could look online for that information and you would be able to find out what kinds of pictures / images are popular right now.
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I have been thinking of doing marketing later after I learn a skill in ceramics. I think I could earn money if I knew what people are looking for, in general. I have an idea for painting pictures on my pots, pitchers, cups and such. can you give me any ideas of what is popular?
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